Village Candle 26oz Scented American Large Jar Candle with Double Wick Forbidden Forest

  • 26ozs (1219g)
  • Features exclusive "Sparkle and Holographic" label
  • Burn Time 170 hours Quality Refined Wax
  • Double Wick Technology
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Village Candle
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Product Description

Village Candles are handcrafted under Strict quality control using refines wax, richest colours and finest fragrance oils.  Techniques produce slight marbling to the candles giving particular character and distinction to each candle.

Dual Wick technology in all candle jars creates a greater ambience and fragrance throw without diminishing the burn life of the candle.  Maximum perfume load is used in every candle produced creating a high and consistent fragrance throw throughout the entire use of each candle.  

The candles do not 'soot' like other candles and are Satra tested and approved in line with British Standards.

Village Candle Premium 26oz (1219g) Large Fragranced Candle Jar Features:

  • Village Candle Jar Candles have double wicks.  What is so special about double wick candle??
  • Cleaner Burn: Small Diameter wicks burn more efficiently than chunkier wicks.  Creating less soot.
  • Efficient:  Dual wick candles are more efficient as they burn the wax completely so there is very little left at the bottom.
  • More candle for your money.
  • Double the Ambience: Twice the reassuring glow of a single wick.
  • Each Village Candle will be supplied with instructions for use


What Do they Smell Like?

Forbidden Forest: Lush green, wet moss and a hint of smokey air lies deep in the intriguing Forest where only some venture to go. At first glance the bright and cheery pine forest invites and then transforms into a mystical world where gnarley twists of Cedarwood, Eucalyptus clouds, dark fireside Smoke and drifts of Patchouli mysteriously mingle to capture your spirit and darken your mood in the hidden forbidden Forest.



How to get the Best from your Candle

To ensure that you get the maximum results from your candle whilst maintaining safety at all times please follow these simple but effective user instructions.

Always burn your candle on a heat resistant surface and away from flammable objects and other sources of heat and draughts.

Keep away from children and pets and never leave a candle unattended when lit.  Always leave a minimum of 10cms between any burning candles.

For maximum results burn your candle for 3-4 hours at a time.  After this time allow the wax to cool and solidify before re-lighting. This helps to maintain the life of your candle giving you a full and consistent fragrance throw throughout burning.

Keep your wick trimmed to 3-5mm at all times.  This also applies to the first time that you light your candle.  Ensure that any wick trimmings are removed before lighting the candle.  Use wick trimming cutters where possible.  (see above link for wick trimmers).

Use a long barrelled gas lighter where possible as they do not leave a residue which matches can and it is easier to ignite the wicks as the wax reduces down the candle jar.  A candle snuffer should be used where possible to extinguish each flame. (See above for candle snuffers).

Each time you burn the candle allow the entire top layer to become a pool of liquid wax.  This creates the best fragrance throw available, keeps your wicks burning with a constant flame and helps to avoid tunnelling (wax residue left at the sides of the candle jar).


And don't forget! 

2 wicks release more of the fresh inviting fragrance into your environment.

Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4 inch at all times.  Wick trimmers are available at hoobam.

Extinguish jar carefully before replacing lid.  Candle snuffers are available at hoobam.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Manufacturer Village Candle
EAN 602406641476
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