Goose Creek 2.1oz Breakable Wax Melt Tart for Burners

  • Forget the flame and experience wax melts that are designed to quickly fill the room with a strong aroma.
  • American hand poured wax melt pack High grade, food quality, paraffin wax Highest quality fragrance oils
  • Breaks into 6 chunks so you can use as much as you want
  • These premium wax melts contain Goose Creek's Aromatic formulation to quickly fill large areas with fragrance
  • Each pack of wax melts last for an approximate 50-80 hours depending on usage.

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Goose Creek
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Product Description

Goose Creek 2.1oz Breakable Wax Melt Tart for Burners are .8oz and are the perfect size for mixing & matching fragrances, or trying something new! 

Forget the flame and experience wax melts that are designed to quickly fill the room with a strong aroma. Enjoy fragrance for days throughout your entire home.

The Goose Creek Wax Melt is perfect for any standard wax warmer. Just pop a wax square onto a Wax Oil Burner and light a tea light below. The scent will diffuse into your room and each packet will give you 80 hours of fragrance. Perfect for mixing & matching, or trying new scents

The Goose Creek 2.1oz  Breakable Wax Melt Tart Features:

  • Wax Colour: Various
  • Scent: Various
  • For use in melt warmers and burners
  • Dimensions: Diameter 7cm  Height  2.5cm
  • Burn Time:80 hrs approx.
  • 2.1oz (59Grm) Wax Melt


What do they smell like?

Apple Macintosh - The mouthwatering aroma of a crisp Macintosh apple fresh from the orchard.

Banana Pudding: Creamy, dreamy banana pudding is a childhood favorite. It’s also the first scent that soothes your senses from the Goose Creek Banana Pudding Wax Melt. The delightful aroma of true banana filling takes center stage with this wax melt, with undertones of vanilla pudding and sugary whipped cream.

Blueberry Cheesecake - Layer after layer, it's nothing but juicy, creamy goodness. It's a homemade blueberry cheesecake.

Blueberry Limeade - A true splash of summer with every sip. Delight in this refreshing blend, blueberry limeade.

Butter Cookie - No one can resist the alluring aroma of fresh-baked vanilla butter cookies, and this particularly holds true when the aroma comes from a Goose Creek wax melt. This highly scented Butter Cookie Wax Melt features the delicious scent of warm vanilla, melted butter and sugar crystals layered over a base of golden-baked cookie fragrance.

Carrot Cake - This classic fall favorite will make your home smell like heaven. The aroma of cinnamon, brown sugar and vanilla will create a cozy atmosphere. With notes of citrus, fresh cream, and nutmeg, this delicious dessert will sweeten your home everyday.

Cherry Cobbler - This scrumptious handmade treat folds fresh cherries, orange and lemon zest into a sweet, delicious blend of cinnamon sugar, brown sugar, buttery cake crumbs and vanilla extract.

Cinnamon Spice - The heartwarming and nostalgic aroma of rich, spicy, stone ground cinnamon

Classic Christmas Tree - A fresh wave of snow and fresh spruce combined with earthy pine tree bark and fresh cedarwood.

Clean Linen - The fresh aroma of clean linens flowing in a warm summer breeze. Bright and elegant, this fragrance evokes a sense of pure bliss. With notes of lemon, apple, lavender and lily

Gingerbread Lane - Sugared ginger and sweet icing with a slight touch of dark molasses, nutmeg and clove.

Home Made Brownie - A delicious blend of milk, chocolate chips and a baked cake accord for the ultimate mouthwatering scent.

Juicy Pear - Farmland apple and poached pears are infused with all-spice, tart cranberries, vanilla extract, and sweet musk in this enticing sweet, fruity indulgence.

Minted Eucalyptus - A delightfully cleansing blend of wild mint and fresh eucalyptus.

Patchouli Leaves - The exotic earthy allure of jungle wild patchouli. ItåäÌÝå»s a truly spirited blend from nature.

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Additional Information
Manufacturer Aromatise
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