Eika Bolsius Tapered Dinner Candles Pack of 12 with 25% Stearin Burgundy

  • Pack of 12 dinner candles
  • Tapered with 25% Stearin
  • Various colours
  • Unscented
  • Size 25cm x 2.5cm (9.84 x 0.98 inches)
SKU: 105000700149

Availability: Out of stock

Price: £12.99
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Product Description

A beautifully decorated dinner table deserves to be adorned with lovely table candles. 

The Eika Bolsius Tapered Premium Dinner Candles Pack of 12 will give you a display that will look stunning and last throughout your evening.

These Premium Quality Tapered Dinner Candles contain 25 % Stearin, which is the secret ingredient is needed for top quality candles.

What isStearin?

The key features of Stearin that make these a premium dinner candle:

Longer-burning candles. The higher melting point of stearin - 80°C (176°F) - produces much slower-burning candles, with smaller flames. Stearic acid candles burn brightly, with steady, unwavering, flames.

Less drips and smoking. You'll spend less time cleaning up drippy messes. Smaller, neater flames emit less trails of smoke, and protect your walls and ceilings from sooty messes.

Harder candles. Candles with stearin survive hot climates, without melting, sagging or losing their shape.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Manufacturer Bolsius
EAN 4006064046141
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price No