How does it work?

You can earn extra revenue by promoting Candlemore on your website and it won’t cost you a thing!

If you have your own website that attracts visitors who you think are interested in candles and candle accessories, then the Candlemore Affiliate Program is for you.

By placing a Candlemore banner or text link on your site, this will allow your website visitors to be directed to Candlemore. In the event a visitor from your site makes a Candlemore purchase, you will earn up to 6% of the sale value.

Why sign up to the affiliate program? 

  • Commission 6%
  • High Conversion Rate
  • 100% online retailer - no phone or collections orders
  • Huge range of products and brands
  • Regular promotions and hot deals
  • Free Delivery on virtually every UK destination
  • 30 day cookie length
  • Affiliates are manually approved

Please get in touch with us to discuss this opportunity.  Please email directly to, and Mike will be happy to discuss this opportunity with you further